A day in the life of a Kareema Poodle puppy

My mother is a miniature poodle and my father is a parti colored miniature poodle and I am one of the puppies that Elite Pet Care & Education is selling. I don’t have a real name yet as I am waiting for my forever home but I am sure that is not far off. In the meantime I and my sisters live with my mother and a puppy carer where we are being taught how to be good puppies and even better adults.

I hear the rooster and that signals the start of another day as I open one eye to look at my sisters, cuddled up next to me in our bed. Not time to get up yet, I can’t hear the two legged people up and around yet, time for another half hour of beauty sleep.
Nope time for breakfast. Let’s wake them up. If we make noise quietly the lady or her daughter will say good morning to us and then come out with our breakfast. If we scream and carry on we get told to be quiet and they don’t come out. We used to have farax and soaked biscuits but we are big now and have moved onto oats, mince and doggie dry food. Good here it comes, I will see if I can get my sisters out of the way so I can snaffle more for me. There is mum, checking to make sure we are ok. We don’t need her milk any more but she still loves us and visits us regularly. We wish we could sleep on the ladies bed like she does. But we know it is not a good habit as our new forever owners might not want that. Well that’s what we are told anyway, we will soon fix that when we get there by batting our ohh so cute eyes and looking lovable.8 am
After a lovely run in the grass getting our feet nice and wet and our coats muddy it is time to go for our car ride. We do like going in the car, safe in our carry case and ready to take on new adventures in the big wide world. We are good now and never Wee or Poo in the car carrier. We have even learnt to walk sort of nicely on our puppy leads out to the car.

Today we are back to the training center. It is such a fun place. We get extra food, toys to play with and lots of new humans to meet. In the afternoon there are some short humans who come in each day and give us lots of cuddles and play with us. We have a couple of special places to sleep here and we get to go running around to talk to the older dogs, sniff out interesting smells and find where the treats are hidden. If it is not too hot we have a nice walk up and down the lovely street outside and meet more of the two and four legged locals. Once a week it is our turn in the doggie day spa for our one on one pampering with a wash, blow dry and brush. We even got our face, bum and feet all clipped off recently, it is so nice to be able to see. Those days are such fun. Everyone loves us when we come out all pampered, soft and smelling so wonderful. We like it cause we can go home and get dirty again.

3 pm
Nearly time for the local school kids to visit, we always make sure we are awake for that because if we are sleeping they are not allowed to wake us. We get cuddles and kisses and time to run around being silly and they think we are soooooo cute. Maybe one of them will be our new family but no one seems too worried about sorting that out. We just go with it and take what comes I am sure the humans know what they are doing NOT. One of our sisters has recently gone to her new forever home, which is a long way away so we get read the emails she sends. I also hear she is about to get her own facebook page.

4 pm
It looks like our carer is getting ready to go. We love going home in the afternoon for our rumble in the grass, our dinner, cuddle-time with mum, each other and our human friends. Sometimes we detour on our way home. Yesterday we watched small humans hit a yellow ball back and forwards with a big stick. We tried to tell them that keeping the yellow ball and chewing off all the covering was much more fun, but they just kept hitting it back and forward. On other days we go down to the lovely river where the breeze is strong and we can smell all the dead fish and other lovely things to roll in. Our humans buy big sloppy food that melts all over the place. It is really nice when they let us lick their sticky, cold fingers after they have finished. I think they call it ice-cream and I know it comes in different flavors. I like the sweet tasting brown colored one with small chewy rocks. They call it chocolate with choc chips
5 pm
Home now and it is time to get really dirty rolling each other round n the grass before dinner of nice crunchy biscuits with lovely beef mince or chicken necks. It is wonderful feeling grass under our feet, playing in the water bucket and seeing what mischief we can get up to, we almost made it into the big dog’s area the other day. Hehehehehehh that would have been fun, except my sister gets scared.8 pm
Goody inside time, we have to be good and try very hard not to pee on the rug and raz up the cat but hey we get away with it when she isn’t looking and mum seems keen to egg us on. We belt around like crazy for an hour or so and then snuggle up next to one of the humans and get a lovely brush and kiss.

Bedtime, it has been another busy day with lots of new sights and experiences. It is time to get our beauty sleep and recharge the batteries for another day until we find our forever home.


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