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It has been awhile since my last blog due to a combination of factors. Firstly my two laptops both chose to go belly up at the same time and secondly it is the conference / show season in spring in Australia and I needed to check out all the new products at PIAA Pet Expo and also top up my knowledge at the  APDT Australia conference. With Grisha Stewart, Pat Miller and Dr Sophia Yin on the guest list along with 200 or so positive reward based trainers it was a great opportunity to increase my knowledge. This I achieved ten fold with the presentations from Grisha Stewart on BAT for reactive and aggressive dogs plus puppies, Dr Yin discussing low stress handling for dogs and cats and Pat Miller taking about Dog Play. My head is spinning with new ideas and techniques. I brought nearly $500 worth of new books and equipment, all of which needs reading and testing over the next few months.

PIAA Pet Expo on the Gold Coast was also a great event. It was fantastic to see the amount of interactive treat toys for dogs and cats now on offer, of which I had to buy one of each to test of course. The industry has come a long way in the last 10 years. There was as usual a terrific line up of extremely talented groomers who produced very impressive grooms. I also had the chance to catch up with colleagues that I have not seen in some time.

My next big projects are the preparation of a low stress handling outline for Pet Groomers which takes the principles outlined by Dr Sophia Yin in her book “Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behaviour Modification of Dogs and Cats ” and expands them for pet groomers. I am also working on an online module of my Understanding Canine Body Language Course for groomers. These two projects are interlinked as without the understanding of canine and feline body language you can not be aware of how to implement low stress methods.

So my next blog is about the duty of care pet care professionals, such as trainers and groomers have when it comes to interacting with the dogs we handle.


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