My new year wish for all pets worldwide

At 10 am on New Year’s Day 2011 I was lying in bed, unable to get up due to severe pain, when I saw a Facebook post appear from Pat Miller. Pat is a Certified Professional positive dog trainer, Certified Behaviour Consultant, author and owner of peaceable paws dog training 15,383 kms away in Fairplay, Maryland. She travels widely throughout the world educating pet owners and dog trainers. Her dream for 2011 was that

“I think we should make 2011 National Train Your Dog *Year*!!!

My instinctive reaction was sure “that’s never going to happen”. Like many positive reward based animal trainers I often feel that we are fighting a losing battle, unable to shift public awareness from the fact that the only way to interact with our companion animals is in a never ending cycle of yelling at them when they do something wrong and wondering why they constantly hide from us and never seem to behave as we want them to. I like many other animal lovers despair as the millions of dogs and cats euthanized each year in shelters all around the world.

It is so easy to sit back and believe that you can never change these facts. But……… maybe we can. With Facebook reported at having 600 million users worldwide and the growth of other social network sites such as twitter it should be possible for one of the upcoming years to be named National Positively train your dog year. With your help maybe not 2011 but why not 2012 or 2013?

The world media would sit up and listen if a group called

Promoting Positive Reward Based Dog Training went viral and gained 1 million members in only 6 months. (Click on the name to take you to the site)

Is that possible? Sure it is, if every person who trainers or believes in positive reward based pet training goes to the group and hits LIKE and then tells all their friends to do the same we can have an immediate and remarkable impact on dog training worldwide right now. The saying from small things big things grow has never been truer than in this day and age with the impact social media can have and the speed at which the internet can promote good causes. Do you want to bring positive benefits to the lives of pets and their owners? If so then it is as easy as going to the group right now and hitting LIKE then sharing this group with your friends and asking them to do the same. The pets of the world will love you forever and their owners hopefully will find training a dog using a positive reward based method is just so much fun – like many that I have taught have.

Happy New Year to all pets and pet owners.

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